Speakers Board

Our lawyers are available to address your business, organization or association for free on the following topics and more. For details, or to arrange a program, please contact Joan Wean at 215-661-0400 or JWean@HRMML.com.

How to find an attorney and the attorney-client relationship

Class Actions: The ins and outs

Understanding Auto Insurance Options

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Legal and Tax Aspects of Owning a Business
Record Retention and Destruction

Municipal Authorities
Creation, Purposes, Powers and Control
Water, Sewer and Tapping Fees
Municipal Law Update
Environmental Law Issues Facing Municipalities

Anatomy of Not-for Profit Financing

Real Estate
Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations: A New Look at Development Issues
Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations: Conflict and the Courts
How the Uniform Planned Community Act Really Works
How to Handle a Residential Real Estate Closing
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Financing
Real Estate Agreements and Settlements
Real Estate Tax Reassessments 101: How to Get Your Taxes Reduced
Recent Developments for the Real Estate Practitioner
Residential Real Estate
Retail Leasing from Mom and Pop to Big Box
Zoning Law

Estate Planning
Protecting One’s Assets-How to do it

Gas Drilling/Marcellus Shale
Negotiation of Leases
What are your rights if you own property?
Environmental Implications of the Drilling.
Are there assets for your heirs?

Environmental Law
Cleanup of Contaminated Properties
Appeal of Environmental Regulations and Permits
Stormwater Management Regulations
Permits Associated with Land Development
Green Buildings

Our lawyers are available to speak at CLE programs in Pennsylvania on these and other subjects:

  • Allocating Wrongful Death and Survival Awards
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Trial Lawyer The Plaintiff’s Perspective
  • Arbitration Strategy
  • Auto Law Practice Gems & Ethical Concerns
  • Auto Law: Stratgies Ethics Issues
  • Class Actions
  • Discovery Items you may have missed
  • Discovery of Financial Records of Experts
  • How to Recognize and Prove Minor Closed Head Injuries
  • Inexpensive Discovery on the Internet
  • Liability Gems and What Rocks They Hide Under
  • New Joint and Several Liability Law in Auto Cases
  • Nuggets in Handling Truck Accident Cases
  • Picking a Civil Jury
  • Proving Hidden Damages
  • Recognizing the Unobvious Conflicts in Motor Vehicle Cases
  • Record Retention and Destruction
  • Releases: Landmines in Waiting
  • Representing Those Charged with Motor Vehicle and Narcotics Violations
  • Successfully Litigating the Auto Accident
  • The Settlement Process from the Defendant’s Perspective
  • The Settlement Process from the Plaintiff’s Perspective

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