For decades, the litigators at HRMM&L have collectively achieved results for our clients, making us well respected among judges, opposing lawyers, and most importantly, our clients. The respect and renown enjoyed by our department has been earned by being leaders both in and out of court. Our litigation attorneys constantly teach about new areas and developments in the law to attorneys across Pennsylvania, as well as lecture to the general public. By litigating cases in both state and federal appellate courts, our litigators are at the forefront of continuing to develop legal principles to benefit our clients and the results they hope to achieve. With our knowledge of the law and high level of litigation and trial skills, no one advocates more zealously on behalf of its clients than Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin.

Among those issues we frequently litigate are:

Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin has been representing victims of asbestos for more than 35 years. We have represented asbestos plant workers in Montgomery County, Bethlehem steel workers in Northampton County, and workers of all trades in Philadelphia who have been exposed to asbestos and have developed mesothelioma, lung and throat cancer, and asbestosis.

The Asbestos Litigation Department is led by Ed Rubin, who is renown nationally as one of the pioneers of asbestos litigation in the U.S., and Steven Barrett, who has won multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients. HRMM&L utilizes highly credentialed medical professionals, such as pathologists and pulmonologists, as experts to testify on behalf of our clients.

At HRMM&L, we continue to be pioneers in a new area of asbestos litigation by representing welders who have been exposed to asbestos welding rods. If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease and have been exposed to asbestos in your lifetime, contact either Ed Rubin or Steven Barrett so we can help you with any possible claims you might have.

Now, more than ever, business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals must navigate the minefield of federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the employer/employee relationship. Considering the litigious climate that permeates American society, it is critical for employers of all sizes to be mindful of, and in compliance with, the many employment laws and regulations with which employers must abide. Whether it be the hiring or firing process, alleged harassment or discrimination in the workplace, employee classification issues or the simple drafting of an Employee Handbook, there are many opportunities for an unwary employer to find itself in trouble. The employment lawyers at HRMM&L are here to help employers navigate these laws and avoid potentially costly litigation. Those matters about which the employment lawyers at HRMM&L routinely consult with employers include:

Although the goal of the employment lawyers at HRMM&L is to help employers avoid litigation, when litigation is necessary the Litigation Group at HRMM&L is well prepared to represent its clients at every level. We regularly represent our clients before state and federal agencies, including the PHRC and EEOC. Our experienced litigators also have successfully represented businesses embroiled in litigation in the state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania.

We’re here for you – the entrepreneurs who recognize a need to build an industry.  Whether you are interested in obtaining a permit to grow/process or distribute medical marijuana our job is to help you reach that objective in a safe and compliant way.

HRMM&L’s Medical Marijuana Practice Group is a team of skilled attorneys focusing on the wide range of  issues that will impact the medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania.  Our firm’s attention to transparency and state compliance gives our clients a reliable basis on which their business can grow.

HRMM&L’s commitment to this industry is unparalleled. Our attorneys have lectured across the Commonwealth on the everyday practical issues affecting the medical marijuana industry as well as the legal and ethical implications.  Our clients benefit from the depth of knowledge and real world experience demonstrated by the Medical Marijuana Practice Group.

Our message is clear:  Growing your business is our goal.

Your business may require assistance with any of the following:

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact any of our attorneys.  We will be happy to speak with you, answer your questions and discuss the risks and rewards of entering one of the fastest growing industries in recent years.