Survey Reveals that 41% of Psychiatrists Have Been Sued

That is HUGE: Do you have a potential case?

According to a 2020 article in Clinical Psychiatry News, “Forty-one percent of U.S. psychiatrists have been sued for malpractice at least once.”

  • The top reason for the legal action was wrongful death (31%), followed by poor outcome/disease progression (23%), failure to treat/delayed treatment (11%), errors in medication administration (10%), and complications from treatment/surgery (8%).
  • Only 7% of psychiatrists said failure to treat/delayed treatment was the reason for the lawsuit, whereas this was the top reason for physicians overall (33%) in the report.

Importantly, the majority of psychiatrists who responded to the survey indicated that they carry malpractice insurance.

What You Should Do Now:
If you or a family member have been a patient of a psychiatrist and ended the relationship due to any off the following (this list is NOT exhaustive), you may have a cause of action and we should speak right away to see if you can get satisfaction through the judicial system:

  • Failing to diagnose a condition properly or prescribe correct medications
  • A wrongful death occurred and the psychiatrist did not conduct a proper suicide risk assessment and/or try to reasonably prevent the death
  • Violating rules of patient confidentiality
  • Engaging in sexual activity
  • Threatening you
  • Failing to treat you in a timely manner, causing harm
  • Failing to warn third parties of threats from the doctor’s patients as required by state law

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