The Pennsylvania Department of State has posted an “Important Consumer Alert” on its website regarding what it calls a scam being run by Pennsylvania Corporate Compliance Company and by Corporate Records Service. In its Important Consumer Alert, the Department of State notes it is “alerting all Pennsylvania business entities to this deceptive solicitation to prevent Pennsylvania business entities from completing the form and sending payments to a mailing center post office address by the deadline on the form.”

If you have received an Annual Meeting Disclosure Statement from Pennsylvania Corporate Compliance Company or a 2013-Annual Minutes Form from Corporate Records Service, the Department of State recommends that the “documents should be disregarded by all companies which receive them.” While the solicitations mailed to unsuspecting businesses may be a scam, the need to keep the corporate records current and to document the significant corporate transactions is not. The holding of corporate meetings on a timely and continuous basis provides evidence of proper corporate operations and is necessary to preserve the validity of your corporation or operating limited liability company for both tax and liability purposes. Please contact one of the attorneys in our Business Law Department at (215) 661-0400 so we can update the corporate minutes for your business entity.