Zantac Users
We sincerely hope you and your family are doing well given the Covid-19 challenges and, above all else, that everyone is healthy.

We want to provide you with a questionnaire, the answers to which will provide us with the necessary information to help you or loved ones that may suffer or be diagnosed with cancer and were Zantac users. For a copy of the questionnaire, please email Steve Barrett or his assistant, Lisa Eck.

We previously sent you an alert about the FDA’s recalling Zantac because of the drug’s containing a known carcinogen that activates upon the body’s metabolizing the drug when taken. We are already representing many Zantac victims, ranging from bladder, prostate and myeloma and colon cancer survivors. The manufacturers of Zantac made billions of dollars on their defective drug and, at a minimum, had the data and knowledge available to know of the drug’s cancer causing properties.

Of course, not everyone who took Zantac will develop cancer, thankfully. However, we want to make sure you have the information to understand the serious potential for life-threatening illnesses that require extensive and costly treatment that can range from surgery, stem cell/radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Every client so far had no risk factors for developing cancer. More and more research is only confirming that the risk was taking Zantac. In these challenging times of Coronavirus, it is certainly even more distressing to have to worry about cancer being caused by a once common heartburn medicine. Stay safe and know that we are here to help.