Over 150 manufacturers of Metformin ER (extended release) have been forced to recall the drug due to high amounts of NDMA found by the FDA to be present in the long acting version of the well-known and widely used diabetes medication. The list of manufacturers can be found at https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/search-list-recalled-metformin-products.

NDMA was the same carcinogen that led to Zantac’s recall earlier this Spring. NDMA was first developed and added to rocket fuel and is commonly used by scientists who wish to study cancer tumors. Mice and other animals are given NDMA to ensure cancerous tumor growths which are then further studied and tested for cancer curing treatments.

We have been handling cases representing victims of Zantac-related cancers and wanted to let you know that we are representing victims of Metformin-related cancers, which include cancers of the kidney, liver, stomach, and bladder.

As in all cases with medications, medical consultation is critical before any changes are made to medical treatment, including medication such as Metformin.

Big drug companies should make sure that their drugs are safe and complying with science and regulations. If any physician has linked cancer to Metformin ER, please contact us so we can evaluate the case. We are experienced in litigating these formidable cases and want to let you know of the hazards and dangers in the medicine that is supposed to maintain our health and wellness.

What Legal Recourse May You Have?
If you or a loved one has suffered with any of these Metformin-related cancers, you may have a viable legal claim for compensation against the manufacturer. You should contact Steven Barrett at (215) 661-0400 or SBarrett@HRMML.com as soon as possible so that deadlines may be met for filing a lawsuit. He is already representing clients in this litigation against the manufacturers of Zantac for such claims as negligently and/or intentionally making the medication with NDMA and failure to warn about the potential cancer risk.