Summer 2021 In Brief  Newsletter

by Jon Samel, Esq., Chair, Estate and Tax Team

Get Ready for Possible TAX LAW CHANGES That Can Affect Your Estate Plan. Don’t get Taxed.

A variety of significant federal tax proposals have been introduced in 2021 that could have a very significant effect on your estate plan. Unfortunately, nobody has a crystal ball to predict exactly what changes in the tax law will occur or when they will be enacted and become effective. However, if any tax legislation is passed this year, you may need to act very quickly.  So now is the time to evaluate the opportunities which are currently available to you in light of the potential for changes in the law, as well as to address any changes in your financial or family situation. Contact us to schedule an estate planning review now.

Don’t forget: Once legislation is passed (which could occur very late in 2021), it may be too late to implement options which are currently available to you. Contact me or one of the terrific members of our team—Lisa, Susan, and Andrew to see if your estate plan should be reviewed.