Recent news stories and articles have started to focus on an emerging trend – the role artificial intelligence (AI) is going to play in our society moving forward.  We already see it in our homes with devices like Amazon’s Alexa.  State legislatures are crafting regulations to prepare for self-driving vehicles.  Every day, more and more professions are realizing that its quickly approaching decision time:  adapt or become irrelevant.

The legal profession no doubt is square in the cross hairs of this phenomena.  Recently JP Morgan used AI to replace over 350,000 billable hours of attorney work.  Simply put – new technologies are enabling your lawyers to maximize efficiency when it comes to document drafting and record review.  But when you or a loved one is hurt – how far can AI really take you?

Personal injury law requires more than just a sterile analysis of your case.  You need a lawyer who is going to probe every possible avenue to prove liability and maximize your recovery.  You need a lawyer who not only can draft legal documents and summarize your medical records – but someone who can help you navigate the  nuances of insurance coverage and understand the impact an injury may have on your life.  If there is one flaw in AI – it’s exactly that: understanding the issues in a case and maximizing the value of a claim.

So what is the best approach?  As was recently stated in an article by Gary E. Marchant, professor of law at Arizona State University:  The use of AI in law will thus be an evolution, not a revolution.  The Personal Injury team at HRMM&L uses AI every day in preparing legal documents, conducting research, and verifying the validity of decisional case law.  But we also investigate, probe, analyze, ask questions, and work not just for our clients – but with them – to ensure that every nook and cranny of a case is explored.  Like Professor Marchant said – we are evolving.  And you should expect nothing less from your personal injury counsel.

All that being said, when our robot overlords do finally arrive to take our jobs, you can rest assured that I will be the first to welcome them with open arms.