Lawsuits Are Being Filed Left and Right Against Nursing Homes for Abuse AND Failing to Keep Residents Safe From COVID

The stats show elder abuse is up! Could your loved one have a cause of action against their facility?

The situation:
Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has opened criminal investigations into several nursing homes amid a coronavirus outbreak that killed 2,600 residents of nursing homes and other facilities that care for older adults. The virus has sickened about 12,000 residents of 540 nursing and personal care homes, accounting for about one-fifth of the state’s confirmed infections, according to the Health Department. Is one of your relatives affected?

Why is this so important?
If you have a loved one in a nursing home — who contracted COVID-19 — you may have the right to collect damages against the nursing home for failing to use the proper precautions to keep residents safe. Lawsuits are being filed against nursing homes around the country on behalf of residents who got sick and/or died from the disease. With good reason. Elder abuse is real, it’s happening and the number of cases is way up.

Over 2 million cases of elder abuse are reported every year. BUT this number may be low! Your loved one may not be telling you of the abuse they are living with out of a very real fear of retaliation by the staff of the home.

And with less in-person visits due to COVID, you may not be able to see if the staff is providing excellent care to your loved one — ensuring they do not have bedsores or pressure ulcers, are not experiencing physical/sexual abuse and getting the medicine and medical care they are paying for and should legally expect. You may not see that COVID-19 protocols are not being followed and residents are getting sick.

What you should do now:
If you suspect that your relative has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect — or tested positive for Coronavirus while in the residence, call me so I can give you a quick assessment — for free — of whether you might have a good case. Abuse should never happen. Your relative with dementia or Alzheimer should be getting top care even if there are communication problems. We have successfully represented residents over the years and gotten them favorable settlements and resolution. Contact me now for hope and help.

Please contact Steven Barrett with any questions you may have about your potential case at (215) 661-0400 or as soon as possible.

We are here to help!