Governor Wolf recently signed into law changes to the Telemarketer Registration Act. The legislation requires that all robocalls start with a clear way for recipients to opt out of them and that telemarketing voicemails must include a phone number to prevent future calls.

How it affects you?
Starting on December 3, the date the law goes into effect, you will now be able to stop robocalls to your home or cell phone by opting out at the beginning of a call. The law makes telemarketing calls illegal on legal holidays. It also gets rid of rules requiring people who want to stay on the state’s do-not-call list to re-up their registration every five years. One opt out and you are done!

What you need to do now?
Wait till December 3 and then exercise your right to opt out of receiving future telephone solicitations each time you get a call.

If you have any questions about the new law, please contact Kevin McGrath at or 215-661-0400.