Keeping patients and doctors safer while still providing timely medical treatment
The lawyers and staff at Hamburg Rubin Mullin Maxwell & Lupin want to be sure you are safe while we all work remotely. We of course do everything we can to protect you legally, but also wanted to share with you a recent New England Journal of Medicine article that is informative and provides updates and guidance on how the practice of medicine is changing so that you and your loved ones are kept safe while sheltering at home, but need to receive care from your heath care providers.

The attached article (see below) highlights a new way that doctors are practicing medicine in the current pandemic climate— via Telehealth or virtual medicine.

The benefits of virtual physician practices are clear and the entire process is aimed at getting patients timely treatment while keeping both patients and medical staff safe:

  • For patients concerned they have Covid-19, telehealth can address questions, coordinate testing, and triage clinical needs.
  • It can also be used to provide care for individuals in quarantine or recently discharged to home.
  • For patients who have non–Covid-19 issues, telehealth can allow them to receive care without the risk of exposure— a critical concern for older adults and those with chronic conditions.

The net effect is reduced exposure to patients and clinicians and a limit on demands of emergency departments.

This is definitely a sea change in the delivery of patient care. We want you and those in your community to know of these new advents in healthcare delivery. Safety is the watchword.

Click this link to view the article:

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