On Thursday March 22, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) announced the expansion of the still nascent medical marijuana industry here in the Commonwealth.  Less than a year has transpired since the DOH announced the recipients of the first 12 permits to grow and process medical marijuana along with the first 27 permits to dispense medical marijuana.  However, the DOH is ready to add even more operators to this industry.  Unfortunately though,  those looking to get in have only a small window of time with which to work.

Beginning on April 5, the DOH will make available applications for an additional 13 permits to grow and process marijuana.  The early belief is that the permits will be allocated across the six medical marijuana regions in Pennsylvania, with the 13th permit being awarded to the next highest score.  Simultaneously, the DOH will release the applications for an additional 23 dispensary permits, also allocated across the six regions. Applications for phase 2 must be post-marked by May 17. 

Six weeks. That is how long you will have to complete and submit your application this time around. In other words, if you’re interested in pursuing this emerging market, you need to get started immediately – and that requires a good team with which to work.  Real estate will need to be located, contracts will need to be drafted and negotiated, and a well written, complete and compliant application will need to be assembled.

Early planning can make or break a medical marijuana organization. For those wanting to hear more about Phase 2 and Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act, contact William Roark at wroark@hrmml.com.