On March 23, 2020 Governor Wolf issued a Stay at Home Order for residents of Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties, in addition to several other counties elsewhere in the Commonwealth. The order is effective on March 23rd at 8:00 p.m. and requires residents of those counties to stay at home except as needed to access, support, or provide life sustaining business, emergency, or government services. The Order will expire on April 6th.

The Governor’s office also published a Stay at Home Order Guidance to help people understand the applicability of the Order. For employers and employees, the Guidance contains two important points.

First, employees are able to perform work providing essential products and services at a life-sustaining business. (The Governor’s office issued a revised list of life sustaining businesses on March 21st, which can be accessed here).

Second, employees who are able to work remotely are able to obtain supplies they need to work from home. Access to both the Governor’s Order and the Guidance is provided below.



Enforcement is Occurring
As of this writing, the Pennsylvania State Police have issued 27 warnings to area businesses for violating the Order. The Governor’s office has issued Enforcement Guidance to law enforcement suggesting that they elect progressive discipline that would start with a warning before citations would issue, and to focus on businesses/areas where people might congregate. If a citation is warranted, unless the violation is egregious, it is a summary offense with a fine up to $300.

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