After decades of service, Attorney J. Edmund Mullin has resigned from the Board of Trustees of Montgomery County Community College (MCCC). He served on the Board for over 20 years.

Richard Montalbano, Board chair of MCCC, stated, “Ed was not just a Board member in name only. Since he joined the Board in January 1997, he committed himself to the affairs of the College, giving generously of his time, wisdom and money. He has chaired the Physical Plant Committee, he served on the Legislative Committee and he and his wife, Bernadette, have contributed generously to the College needs over the years. The suite which houses the Division of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies is named in their honor and they have also contributed to the renovations of the Fine Arts Center and they have supported several scholarships. More than this, I have counted on Ed as a confidant, someone who I could discuss important issues with and who would always provide sage advice. The College has also benefited from his learned counsel regarding many of the land development issues we confronted as both the Central and Pottstown campuses grew and matured during the last decade.”