Bill Roark was interviewed in the news on WGAL NBC 8 on Pennsylvanians going to New Jersey to purchase legal marijuana.

A number of vehicles in Curaleaf’s parking lot had out-of-state license plates, including Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania residents can buy recreational marijuana, but it’s illegal to take it back to the commonwealth.

Attorney Bill Roark, who teaches cannabis law at Villanova Law School, said it’s a risk you shouldn’t take.

“If you’re caught trafficking cannabis across state lines, you could be prosecuted at a federal level for drug trafficking,” he said.

Roark said he thinks Pennsylvania is getting close to legalizing adult-use marijuana.

“I think as the states immediately around us start to adopt these laws, we’re going to see, quite simply, tax revenue going over the Commodore Barry Bridge and being deposited in another state’s coffers when, unquestionably, the commonwealth could use those tax benefits,” he said.

But he said until then if you buy pot in New Jersey, you should use it in New Jersey.