Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin is pleased to announce the launch of its new blog: Pa. Family Safety

Pa. Family Safety is aimed at keeping all Delaware Valley residents safe and healthy. It will provide regular news and consumer updates to make our families aware of dangers created by new products, new technologies, inadequate policies, overtaxed government resources, and corporate indifference. Because information is power and protection, the Blog will make readers aware of often unrecognized health, safety, and financial risks faced by them and their families – and show them ways to prevent being harmed.

According to Firm Managing Partner Steven Lupin, “As advocates for community safety for over 30 years and as first hand witnesses to preventable injuries and harms that often change lives, the lawyers at Hamburg, Rubin want to use their experience to make our community safer, healthier, and happier.”

Topics covered will include drug and product recalls, food safety, accident prevention and much more. Currently, the Blog has reports on the use of smartphones in an accident, medical device and prescription drug recalls and how patients need to advocate for themselves for top medical care.