Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin is pleased to announce the creation of its Sexual Assault and Abuse Team. The Team will represent victims of sexual assault and abuse caused by or at clergy and religious organizations, teachers and counselors, apartment complexes, nursing homes and hospitals, foster care, entertainment facilities and the workplace.

According to Steve Barrett, who will head the Team, along with partner William Roark, “Our job will be to ensure that these courageous survivors receive justice, compensation, and a sense of satisfaction and closure. We bring together superior courtroom skills, sensitivity, compassion, and personal attention to empower survivors as they take back their lives and triumph.”  Barrett underscored that the firm has several attorneys who were former prosecutors in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties, confirming the firm’s knowledge and experience in criminally prosecuting sex offenders.

Sexual assault and abuse lawsuits can target parties beyond the direct perpetrator―such as schools, religious institutions, and medical facilities―that allow the conduct to take place, cover it up, or fail to notify law enforcement upon becoming aware. Employers can be held liable for failing to perform proper background checks or failing to supervise or dismiss an offender despite knowledge of the danger. Landlords and property management companies can be held liable for lax security.

“Our firm has the financial resources to retain investigators and preeminent experts in all necessary disciplines, so we can establish what enabled and facilitated a perpetrator’s conduct and work to ensure that it never happens again. Because our Team focuses on helping our clients heal, we can negotiate terms, which in addition to financial compensation, can provide our clients with peace of mind. For instance, a perpetrator might be required to transfer jobs or attend counseling; a medical facility, school, or religious organization might be required to change its procedures regarding timely disclosure and notifying law enforcement of suspected assault and abuse,” said Barrett.

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