Elder law attorney Susan Piette has come up with a new way to service her senior citizen clients who may need help with powers of attorney, changes to wills, access to Medicaid and much more in these trying times.

She has set up her office in the parking lot of her law firm and is actively helping clients.

Yesterday, she helped a husband, whose wife is in a nursing home, with critical matters–meeting with him for 90 minutes in her coat in a parking lot– distanced from him and his adult daughter—yet armed with a legal pad and pen to counsel him.

She explained to him the process and needed paperwork for a Medicaid application so that his wife can receive Medicaid assistance while he can remain at home and not be impoverished by the cost of her care. Susan also explained that he should transfer ownership of their home (from husband and wife to husband alone) and then revise his will so that assets in his name (including the transferred home) are inherited by their children instead of his wife (“not for want of love and affection”) should he pass before his wife.  By taking these steps, an inheritance is provided for their children, while his wife will still continue to get the needed long term care skill nursing care via her Medicaid benefits.

Tomorrow, he will return to the same parking lot to sign documents in a sterile manner.

This kind of “can-do” ingenuity and desire to help no matter what— is not new for Susan. She has practiced elder law and trusts and estates law for over 20 years, is smart as a whip and adores her clients and would literally do anything to help them get peace of mind. And- she always has a smile on her face and a kind word for all.

A photo of Susan with her client is attached. Note her legal pad—with her explanatory diagram of options which she used to explain the client’s situation, the law and next steps.  No computers—just a legal pad, expertise and a smile.

A true feel good story for today’s world out of Montgomery County!

Susan’s bio is found here:  https://www.hrmml.com/attorney/susan-e-piette. She can be reached at 215-661-0400 or spiette@hrmml.com