Steve Hann’s speaking engagement schedule for the fall 2013 season is as follows:

  • Steve was an active participant at the recent Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association 71st Annual Conference and Trade Show, which was held August 25-28, 2013 at Penn State. Steve is the East Region Solicitor for PMAA. He participated in the Tell it to the Judge event on August 26, in which he and the West Region Solicitor argued facts involving actual cases and audience members voted on the arguments they thought were most persuasive. Steve was also a panelist with state regulators for a seminar entitled Wastewater-Regulatory Update on August 26 and a panelist for a seminar entitled Wastewater-Sewer Connection Moratoriums: All You Need to Know on August 27.
  • Steve will be speaking at the PEC-TVSSI Municipal Workshop at Villanova University on October 16, 2013 during a seminar entitled Creating a Municipal Stormwater Authority – Basic Steps, Benefits and “Pitfalls.” Steve has spoken on numerous occasions to various audiences throughout the Commonwealth on issues related to stormwater and stormwater authorities. He is the East Region Solicitor for the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association.
  • Steve will be speaking at the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association Administrative/Environmental Issues Seminar in Gettysburg, PA on October 22, 2013, where he will be presenting the seminar’s Solicitor’s Update, which will focus on the latest cases and legislative/regulatory developments impacting Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities, including issues relative to wastewater treatment plants, water plants and stormwater. Steve is the East Region Solicitor for the Association.