Juvenile law cases involve criminal charges against a person under the age of 18. While juvenile law is focused on rehabilitation, the Pennsylvania juvenile court system can make dispositions, including detention and sentencing in a residential facility that could have a devastating effect on your child’s future. The immediate involvement of a juvenile law attorney can minimize those consequences and in many cases prevent a matter from proceeding to juvenile court.

The defense attorneys at Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin handle all types of juvenile cases, including underage drinking, shoplifting, drug possession or distribution, burglary, theft, sexual assault, and weapons charges. Our attorneys understand the juvenile justice system and have an excellent reputation with judges. Our reputation is that of lawyers who know the law, use ethical boundaries, and serve as effective advocates for our clients’ rights. One of our attorneys is a former assistant district attorney who prosecuted criminal defense cases in Pennsylvania for five years.

A juvenile charged with a crime has the same constitutional rights as an adult. For example, a minor does not have to make any statement to police without a lawyer present. If your child has been arrested or contacted by police, you should tell them not to say anything until they have received a lawyer’s advice. Otherwise, they could unknowingly say or do things that will make it harder to obtain a favorable disposition of their case.