Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin has been representing victims of asbestos for more than 35 years. We have represented asbestos plant workers in Montgomery County, Bethlehem steel workers in Northampton County, and workers of all trades in Philadelphia who have been exposed to asbestos and have developed mesothelioma, lung and throat cancer, and asbestosis.

The Asbestos Litigation Department is led by Ed Rubin, who is renown nationally as one of the pioneers of asbestos litigation in the U.S., and Steven Barrett, who has won multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients. HRMM&L utilizes highly credentialed medical professionals, such as pathologists and pulmonologists, as experts to testify on behalf of our clients.

At HRMM&L, we continue to be pioneers in a new area of asbestos litigation by representing welders who have been exposed to asbestos welding rods. If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease and have been exposed to asbestos in your lifetime, contact either Ed Rubin or Steven Barrett so we can help you with any possible claims you might have.