Proving a traumatic brain injury case takes the experience to not only recognize the issues, but walk a jury step by step through the drastic impact these injuries have on everyday life.

When someone breaks a bone, the doctor reads an x-ray and can point out the fracture.  When a person has a disease, lab results show the cause.  But when someone has a concussion or a traumatic brain injury, they can look and sound normal.  Diagnostic studies like an MRI can be clear and yet the person gets headaches, can’t get words out the right way, finds themselves avoiding loud places or crowds, or can’t be around bright lights.  How do you explain that you appear fine, but on the inside you are suffering?

The medical community is only now beginning to comprehend the serious lasting effects concussions and traumatic brain injuries, most notably the investigation and studies through the NFL, giving rise to increased public awareness on just how serious these injuries can be.  Yet even today often times the real symptoms and issues are missed or ignored by doctors who haven’t yet caught up with the nature of these injuries.

At HRMM&L we have extensive experience handling concussion and brain injury cases, representing injured persons who’s lives are severely disrupted by brain related injuries.  We understand that these injuries are catastrophic, impeding the ability to work, pay bills, engage in social activity, drive, or just simply get by each day.