Your rights if you are injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania are determined by legislation called the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. This is the basic (but still very complicated) law that applies to motor vehicle insurance in Pennsylvania.

There are two types of auto insurance coverage you can purchase in Pennsylvania. One is known as the “limited tort option,” and the other known as the “full tort option.”

If you have selected the limited tort option or if you are bound by someone else’s selection of limited tort, you are precluded from bringing an action for non-economic damages (frequently known as your pain and suffering) unless you either exceed one of the thresholds or fall within one of the exclusions. The most common threshold is known as a “serious injury,” which is defined as a personal injury resulting in death, permanent and serious disfigurement or serious impairment of a bodily function.

If you elected the full tort option (or are considered as having a full tort option for some other reason under the statute), you then may bring an action for all of your injuries, including your pain and suffering.

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