Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin has been involved in many of eastern Pennsylvania’s most high-profile real estate deals. Our attorneys can handle everything from reviewing a residential purchase contract to the most complex commercial closing. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a residential or commercial property, HRMM&L attorneys can make your position stronger.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

One of the main benefits of legal representation for a buyer is having somebody who is your advocate review the real estate purchase contract, guide you through the negotiation, and explain the process so it is not a mystery. Our attorneys can also resolve any issues that arise with the agent, the seller, or the bank.

For sellers, our lawyers can help you comply with the Pennsylvania real estate disclosure law, review the title search, and resolve any title issues so you can deliver clear title to the seller at closing. Your lawyer can make sure that everything that has been agreed to in the purchase contract is going to happen.

In addition to buyers and sellers, our lawyers represent a number of nationally known real estate brokers.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

There are fewer legal protections for buyers of commercially zoned properties than for residential properties. With less oversight and monitoring by law, it is more incumbent on the buyer to seek legal advice before signing any real estate contract or lease.

Commercial real estate transactions can be a minefield for the unwitting buyer. Environmental issues such as contamination, outstanding title liens, and zoning restrictions that would prevent you from using the property for its intended purpose are examples of issues that need to be resolved before you buy the property. HRMM&L attorneys can perform all of the necessary due diligence to make your transaction a successful one.