The law firm of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin is well-known among builders, developers, and land-use authorities throughout Pennsylvania for our expertise in land use and planning. We represent many Fortune 500 builders, for whom services include the review of engineering plans and managing the land-approval process with townships and counties.

We partner very well with our builder and developer clients. Our lawyers help map out a strategy that merges our client’s business plan with the approvals that are necessary from the different land-use authorities, including municipalities, townships, planning commissions, and zoning boards.

Our lawyers know the people who can provide relief to builders and developers whether it is a zoning board, a municipal board official, a municipal manager, municipal secretary or municipal engineer. HRMM&L lawyers attend municipal meetings and make sure the land-use and zoning approval process keeps moving and everything falls into place in a smooth and seamless fashion.

Our lawyers are efficient both from the standpoint of timeliness and cost. We can tackle a large development project and create a plan that allows the builder or developer to know and understand the land use development process from the start to the project’s completion, what is going to happen, and when, from the start of the project until completion. No matter how small or big your project, HRMM&L can bring to bear the full weight of some of eastern Pennsylvania’s most respected and high-powered real estate attorneys.