Steven B. Barrett, Esq. was recently interviewed on WWDB AM Talk 860 Radio’s Pearson Kutcher Show on the American Justice Radio Network hosted by Joseph Dougherty.

In the forthright interview, Steve revealed rarely heard information on what top personal injury attorneys look for in taking on new clients and their cases, and importantly what they do and don’t ask these individuals before taking their case. He also covered:

  • why some law firms only accept huge, million dollar plus cases while others will take the hard to win, lesser value cases.
  • why medical malpractice and sexual abuse cases present some of the most complex challenges to attorneys as they must take on and combat sophisticated professionals and institutions that have committed wrongdoing.
  • the obligation attorneys have, in his view, to tell clients up front what is involved in proceeding with litigation – from the real, projected costs that can accumulate and have to be paid by the client at the end of the case, to the realistic expectations of recovery.

The interview was unusual from the standpoint that these topics are rarely publicly discussed for potential clients to hear. Click here to listen to the July 20, 2020 show: